Templates & resources organized by step

Be sure to check out the CCN Competition Planning Guide, which covers every step listed below!

Step 1 - Investigate your data collection options

Step 2 - Form a Competition Organizing Team

Sample Competition Organizing Team position descriptions - Download .docx | Download .pdf 

Sample Competition Organizing Team recruiting email - Download .docx | Download .pdf

Step 3 - Rough-in your timeline

Sample Competition Planning Timeline: Overview - Download .xlsx | Download .pdf

Sample Competition Planning Timeline: Detailed - Download .xlsx | Download .pdf

Step 4 - Identify your goals

Step 5 - Gain broad support

CCN Letter of Commitment - Download .pdf

Step 6 - Decide on a competition format/structure

Building Participation Feasibility & Meter Info Workbook - Download .xlsx | Download .pdf 

Step 7 - Craft a competition brand

Logo inspiration board - Open Flickr Album

Official CCN logo pack - See CCN Logos

Step 8 - Choose awards, prizes, and other incentives

CCN Award and Prize Inspiration Board - Open Flickr Album 

Step 9 - Find funding

Step 10 - Develop a data collection & verification plan

Building Participation Feasibility & Meter Info Workbook - Download .xlsx | Download .pdf 

CCN Data Collection & BuildingOS Guide - Download .pdf

Training Webinar 2 - Dashboard & Data! - See Training webinars

Step 11 - Set up your buildings, meters, and competition in BuildingOS

CCN Data Collection & BuildingOS Guide - Download .pdf

Step 12 - Create a Building Captain plan

Building Captain recruitment email - Download .doc | Download .pdf

Building Captain recruitment 2 minute pitch - Download .docx | Download .pdf

Building Captain training plan - Download .docx | Download .pdf

Step 13 - Develop a marketing & behavior change plan

CCN Marketing & Behavior Change Guide Download .pdf

CCN Poster Inspiration Board - Open Flickr Album

CCN Tumblr Blog (animated GIFs) - Open CCN Tumblr

Step 14 - Create a media coverage plan

Example press releases from previous CCN schools - See CCN News & press

CCN Press Release Template (to announce your competition) - Download .docx Download .pdf 

CCN Press Release Template (to announce competition results) - Download .docx Download .pdf 

Step 15 - (Optional) Develop a crisis action plan

Sample Crisis Action Plan - Download .docx | Download .pdf

Step 16 - (Optional) Create an evaluation plan

CCN Participant Survey Template - Download .docx | Download .pdf