Posters & superheroes

CCN 2015 Posters

Need some awesome posters for your CCN competition? We’ve got you covered! We encourage you to hang up these posters on your campus, place them on your digital signage, and use them in your social media and email communications! Both posters come in a “print and fill in” format (available as a PDF and JPG) so that you can get posters up fast by printing them out and then filling in your schools URL with a permanent marker, and in a “customizable” format (EPS) that allows you to edit the posters to your heart’s content; adding and removing images, text, dates, URLs etc. is encouraged!

CCN 2015 Poster Contest

Designing your own posters? Enter them into the CCN 2015 poster contest! Cash prizes will be awarded to the top posters.

Poster inspiration board


CCN Superheroes

Meet the six CCN superheroes! These college heroes and heroines are unique in that they only use their superpowers to help the environment and conserve resources. Feel free to incorporate these into your school’s competition; superheroes make a great theme!


Skin acts like a solar panel to generate electricity; can charge devices by touching them.

Ollie Omni

Can be in two places at once; organizes awesome off-the-grid events.

Fiona Fuerte

Super strong; always bikes, walks, or runs instead of driving, and always chooses stairs over elevators.

Eva Aerial

Has the ability to fly; changes lightbulbs and opens/closes windows no one else can reach


Has x-ray vision for electricity and water use; reports leaks to facilities.

Captain Kilowatt

Super friendly & convincing; spreads the word about CCN 2015 and how to reduce resource consumption.