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2014 Case Studies

We would like to tell others who are thinking about participating in Campus Conservation National that although the first year may be challenging, after you have set up everything and have a game plan with goals, the competition gets easier. Students and staff really enjoy it and get creative about saving energy so that their community wins. More importantly, you have the ability to teach students habits that will hopefully last them a lifetime.
— Karen Rockett, Director of Housing, LSU

Louisiana State University was a Top 10 Electricity Reducer in CCN 2014

Berea College reduced electricity usage by 11.3% with 14 buildings and 1216 residential students participating. We established a first-ever EcoChallenge Committee made up of 10 active student committee members that worked tirelessly before and during the competition to successfully reach our stated goals to win Bluegrass Unplugged for Kentucky and place in the top 10 nationally.
— Joan M. Pauly, Sustainability Coordinator, Berea College

Berea College was a Top 10 Electricity Reducer in CCN 2014

We had a lot of positive feedback about the GIFs we emailed from the CCN resources. Students really liked those and feedback on who was in the lead each day.
— Ginny Routhe, Sustainability Integration Office Director, Pomona College

Pomona College was a Top 5 Water Reducer in CCN 2014

Each year your school participates in CCN, you will learn more and your capacity will increase. It’s surprising to see the impact grow. This year was our best yet. We started with one building, and this year we included six. Now we are considering how we can connect with all of the buildings and have an EcoRep represent each building, also expanding to the whole campus!
— Kristen Purdy, EcoReps Coordinator, Portland State University

Portland State University was a Top 10 Electricity Reducer in CCN 2014

At UWM, CCN is a collaboration between the Office of Sustainability (staff and students) and 2 high level RA’s in Housing. The Director of Housing was also very supportive.
— Kate Nelson, Chief Sustainability Officer, UW Milwaukee

UW Milwaukee was a Top 5 Water Reducer in CCN 2014

CCN helped Appalachian to effectively educate students living in residence halls. The supplied activities and marketing templates were very successfully used in almost every dorm. With nearly a 20% reduction in energy for the 3-week competition period, almost every student had to make some effort to reduce.
— Donna Presnell, Office of Sustainability Communications Manager, Appalachian State

Appalachian State University was a Top 10 Electricity Reducer in CCN 2014

Our organizing team was compromised of a student competition director who led project planning, logistics and budgeting and who served as the liaison between all competition stakeholders and CCN. Each competing dorm also had a building coordinator assigned to them to aid in event planning, advertising, and educating residents about the competitions’ objective.
— Carl Amritt ‘17, EcoRep Coordinator, Bard College

Bard College was a Top 10 Electricity Reducer in CCN 2014